About Us:
Tinker Tailor Apps, Inc. was founded in 2014.
Based in Burbank, California we are a strange blend of designers, illustrators, developers, statisticians and sportos.
Our goal is to deliver the best experience in sports picking application tools and games.

2020 brings us the latest challenging game from Tinker Tailor Apps, Inc.
We launched the exciting and visually stunning "Mr. Thin" this year as a follow up to hits "Astro Not!" and "Tomato Boy". Development is also underway on some more terrific games that will rock the sports world and beyond!

In 2018 we have upgraded our backend SaaS. We utilize the Amazon Web Services cloud platform to drive our applications. In doing so, we are able to deliver to our users an unheralded experience in stats and data (and fun) as well as have the opportunity for unlimited scalability to reach the most customers that we can.
Customer Support:
Please contact our support line at support@tinkertailorapps.com
Tinker Tailor Apps, Inc.
901 E. Olive Ave. Suite 901
Burbank, CA. 91502